Worried about the consequences of osteoporosis and osteopenia… like fractures, weakness, and reduced mobility?

Then you’re exactly where you need to be right now...


The Happy Bones, Happy Life™ Online Program is an in-depth 6-week program that will give you access to an all-natural plan for protecting and improving your bone health today… so you can enjoy the rich, active life you deserve!

If you’re living with bone loss (such as osteoporosis or osteopenia), it can be pretty frustrating, can’t it?

You’re probably worried about your future…. asking yourself questions like:

  • Will I lose height?
  • Will I notice that my posture is getting more rounded (and even develop one of those grandma humps in my back)?
  • Will I have to worry that even the simplest fall will turn into an emergency?
  • Will it become difficult for me to perform even simple tasks, such as carrying in groceries from the car?
  • Will my children or grandchildren have to look out for me to make sure I don’t fracture a bone?

If you’re like many of us, you may already be letting these fears creep into your daily life by avoiding activities that you love, like planting flowers in your garden.

But you know that if you truly want to avoid living out your fears, you know you need to take action starting right now!

But what should you do to address the effects of osteoporosis or osteopenia?

Your doctor keeps encouraging you to take medication to slow your bone loss… but you’d rather try a holistic or more natural option first.

Even if you are on medication, you want to be doing everything you possibly can to help strengthen your bones.

And you’d like to get to the root cause of your bone loss – stress, asthma or heartburn medication, poor digestion, gluten sensitivity, a bone depleting diet, exercises that are not focused on building bones – the list is extensive.

As a physical therapist and integrative health coach specializing in osteoporosis, I’ve spent the past 20 years working with people – good, hard-working people just like you – who refused to let osteoporosis or osteopenia slow them down.

I’ve developed a wealth of strategies that have allowed thousands of people to improve their bone strength and live their lives without all the worries… and with more vitality and happiness than they ever knew was possible.


And the best part? Every single one of the techniques I teach is 100% natural. Just a simple path to eliminating worry and giving your
bones the best protection possible. If that sounds like a relief to you, then I have something very special for you:


The Happy Bones, Happy Life™ Online Program is an in-depth 6-week program that will give you access to an all-natural plan for protecting and improving your bone health today… so you can enjoy the rich, active life you deserve!
  • 6 education and training modules designed to help you take charge of your bone health from day one!
  • My private collection of bone-nourishing recipes you can use to enjoy delicious meals and snacks that actually support your bone and overall health!
  • Downloadable worksheets, checklists, and much more – just print at your convenience and use these resources as you’re progressing through the course!
  • Video tutorials for each simple exercise in the Fitness for Bone Health regimen!
  • Osteoporosis: An Exercise Guide my downloadable guide to strengthening and improving the health of your bones through strategic exercise!
  • The exclusive Happy Bones, Happy Life private Facebook group- you will form relationships with like-minded people, find a wealth of tips and guidance, and get the support and understanding you need to take charge of osteoporosis, osteopenia, or other degenerative bone disorders!

The Happy Bones, Happy LifeTM Online Program is an in-depth
6-week program that will give you access to an all-natural plan for
protecting and improving your bone health today...
so you can enjoy the rich, active life you deserve

What makes the Happy Bones, Happy LifeTM Online Program different?

I'm all about educating people - if you're living with the fear that osteoporosis or osteopenia will ruin your quality of life, you need the real-world guidance and advice of an experienced bone health professional.

But you also need a community of people who understand what you're going through... people who can provide not only guidance, but emotional support too (not to mention a sympathetic ear)!

That's why I've intentionally built the Happy Bones, Happy Life Online Program as a community. We're all here to share our knowledge, provide encouragement, and be a beacon of light on a sometimes confusing journey.

Plus... there aren't really ANY other resources out therefor people with bone disorders to learn to manage and Improve their conditions using the natural four-pillar system you're going to discover here!

When you log in to your dashboard for the first time, just minutes from now, you're going to start discovering the holistic, health-boosting approach that will

  • Help you Integrate the ideal foods into your diet to optimize bone heath (and avoid the foods that can actually speed up bone loss)!

  • Show you the all-natural foods that can give you abundant.energy (like the kind you had In your early 20s— remember that?) to stay active and productive!

  • Give you the specific, easy-to-learn exercises that can Improve. balance, strength, and posture... without wearing you out! 

  • Help you decrease stress and anxiety.... without dangerous over-the-counter or prescription medications! This empowers you to shift your mindset to one of joy, health, and ease!


What will you learn during each week of the program

Each week, we’ll focus on one aspect of improving bone strength and minimizing bone loss based on the four pillars of bone health.


Good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body… and that includes your bones. Fortunately, I’ve gained a LOT of insights about the relationship between nutrition and bone health! Each week, you’ll learn how to apply the principles of good nutrition to support the best bone health possible!


You may have heard that people with osteoporosis or osteopenia should avoid exercise to minimize their risks. But there are actually exercises that can help strengthen and protect your bones… so that they don’t become brittle. We’ll cover the details of your bone health exercise plan during each week’s lesson!


In order for your body to function and repair itself properly, you MUST get enough relaxation time! I know that might sound crazy (I get it – finding time to relax is tough) but each week, I’ll show you how to integrate relaxation into your daily routine. (And as an added benefit, you’ll get through your day more calmly and easily, too!)


Believe it or not, there’s an unbreakable connection between your happiness and your physical health! Each week, we’ll dive into “happiness strategies” that can bring more joy to your life… and protect your bones and overall health!

Here are the topics we’ll cover during each week of the Happy Bones, Happy LifeTM Online Program:

Week 1:  Introduction and Getting Started

We’ll spend this week getting acclimated and learning the basics of bone health. I’ll provide an introduction to each of the Four Pillars, and you’ll end the training with a headstart in your journey to happiness and exceptional bone health!

Week 2: Absorbing Our Food and Life

What we eat is important, but what we absorb is absolutely critical! This week, we’ll dive into using the Four Pillars to improve your ability to absorb only beneficial nutrients, energy, and more!

Week 3: Flexible Bones and a Balanced Body

Flexibility and proper balance can help protect your bones for decades – in Week 3’s training, you’ll get a complete view of how you can improve balance and bone flexibility in just minutes!

Week 4: Nourish, Strengthen, Relax, and Forgive

In Week 4, we’ll look at not only nourishing the bones, muscles, and organs… we’ll uncover strategies for nourishing your mind and spirit, too! From exercise to mindfulness to choosing fats wisely… I’ve got you covered!

Week 5: Grains, Gluten, Meditation, and More

This week, we’ll look at grains and gluten, and the roles they play in your bone health. We’ll also practice some powerful meditation strategies for helping you enjoy tranquility, even during your most stressful days!

Week 6: Eat, Dance, Relax, and
Say YES to Happiness

This week is all about giving you the joy you deserve! We’ll take a lighthearted look at improving your overall health – physical, emotional, and spiritual – through setting happiness as your intention!

And even though this program is designed to be all-natural, it works even if you want to keep taking your osteoporosis prescription medication to slow bone loss! Think of it as a way to give your bone health a tremendous boost… without adding more medications to your daily  routine!t.


  • Margie is gem! As the saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding." Much of the credit for my healthy middle-aged bones goes to Margie. I contacted Marie a couple of years ago since I was concerned about maintaining bone health as I got older and with her credentials knew she could help. Her sensible, easy-to-follow advice about the best calcium-rich, high-nutrient foods to eat and exercises to do, was invaluable as my recent DEXA scan showed my bone density increased. Margie recommended that I augment my swimming and walking routine with safe but effective strength and resistance exercises. And, Margie's positive outlook on life, warm personality and passion for healthy living is contagious. If you're looking for a program or health professional to put you on the right track, contact Margie.

  • I just completed Margie's entire program. I have learned so much, feel stronger and much more optimistic about my bone health than before I started. Margie's exercise nutrition program is so complete and also safe for someone like me who already has osteoporosis. The exercise videos and nutritional guidance is presented in such a clear and concise manner. Margie also makes it fun. My overall health has definitely improved. There are so many extras in each module (i.e. who knew.' some teas can help build bone density). I'm so thankful that my doctor referred me to Margie. Thank you Margie for answering my many questions and being so helpful and supportive in every way. You are very dedicated and will go that extra mile to find the answers. We need more people like you in the medical field. You are a joy to work with and your program is truly life changing.

  • Margie's enthusiasm, professionalism, and positivity is pleasure to experience as she unfolds the program modules. I am delighted to find this all-encompassing unique program to maintain and increase bone health In one place. I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their bone and overall health! The program is about much more than bone health, it encompasses all aspects of a balanced life; happiness tips, healthy food. and mental health tips, all adding up to a Happy Life.'

  • Margie has made a dramatic difference in my life, my health and my spirit by opening my eyes to new experiences and healthier habits, including foods, exercise and meditation. I consider her a gift I have been given!"

  • The information covered is excellent and is not presented in other workshops, lectures I have attended."

  • I just loved Margie's integrated approach to osteoporosis! I am a very active person but before taking this course, I didn't realize that I was doing the wrong kind of exercises and in fact I was damaging my bones!"

Why keep living with worry?

The bone-strengthening, body-nourishing
approach you’ve been looking for is right
at your fingertips, right now!

Just moments after you complete your registration today, I’ll send you
an email with all of the info you need to log in to your private member’s
dashboard and start discovering a better way to bone health!

I’ll make you a deal – try out this course for yourself for 30 days. And if you don’t agree that this program is everything I say it is – or you’re just not elated for any reason at all – let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund 100% of your investment – no questions asked! That sounds fair, doesn’t it?
Oh, when you log into your dashboard, be sure to stop by the private facebook group and say "hi"- I can't wait to meet you!

P.S.:I know you might be worried about putting your time and money into this program... but an hour a week and $497 is a super-small investment to make in your health, longevity, and quality of life!

P.P.S.:I'll make you a deal - try out this course for yourself for 30 days. And if you dont't agree that this program is everything I say it is - or you're just not elated for any reason at all -let me know within 30 days and I'll refund 100% of your investment - no questions asked! That sounds fair, doesn't it?

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